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Six steps to structure your networking strategy

Here is a great article I wanted to share with you from the Harvard Business Review, Find a Job with Massive, Structured Networking. Networking is fundamental to any job search. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The best source of possible jobs is networking. The way to succeed at networking is to reach out broadly to people who can help. The way to fail is to limit your contacts to the few people you know well. Massive outreach is the only reliable path to victory.

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There are many ways to network effectively today, whether it’s virtually, online, or in person. I completely agree that no matter what method you us, you have to have commitment  and be organized. You have to have courage in your job search, and do what it takes to stay on course. This article shares six great tips to help you with your networking strategy. I particularly like this one:

3. View discussions as learning opportunities, not just job inquiries. Ask about more than jobs. Ask about the industry, how to succeed, and how to position yourself. Approaching these meetings as conversations breaks the ice. It’s disarming. What you learn may lead you to shift your target, like Isabel did, or change the way you present yourself.

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This is what it comes down to in your job search. You have to take the necessary steps along the way to learn and grow through the experience. This will help you in the long run be more knowledgeable and prepared for any opportunities that come your way. Step outside your comfort zone!

Hallie Crawford
Networking Coach