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Why You May Need a Job Coach, Even Though You Already Have a Job

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

Many people dismiss the idea of working with a job coach because they are already employed. Frequently, many business professionals feel that a job coach is for people who are unemployed and looking for work. But really, helping with resumes and an effective job search are just some of the aspects that job or career coaches help with. Job coaches also work with business professionals who are already employed. The objective of a career coach is to help their clients reach their full potential in their careers. Whether you are currently employed or not, just starting off in your career, or a seasoned professional, there are great benefits to meeting with a career coach. For example, perhaps you currently have a job, but you would like to know how to make a long-term career of it. Or maybe you are feeling unhappy in your current job and wondering what you can do about it. Or it’s possible you would like to know how to more effectively network in your industry or advance to the next level in your career. Did you know that a career coach can help you with these situations and much more?

  • Creating a career. In this technological age, there are more and more new jobs popping up that don’t have a clearly defined career path. Some of these types of jobs include those that deal with social media, internet marketing, or other internet work. Perhaps you currently have one of those jobs, or that type of job interests you. But perhaps at times you stop and ask yourself, “Where can I go from here? What kind of future does this job offer me?” This is where a job coach can step in and help you brainstorm your next steps. During sessions, they can help you discover your personal brand and vision for your future to help mold your career’s future.
  • You are unhappy. This is actually quite a common problem with employed business professionals. Recent studies show that over 50% of Americans are unhappy at work. You may love the career path you chose but currently don’t enjoy your work situation. Many feel that it’s as simple as looking for another job and quitting when they don’t enjoy their job for a period of time. But many times they don’t stop to analyze the real underlying issues, which makes it harder to find the right fit. This is where having a job coach can really prove beneficial. A job coach can help you discover what success means to you and what action steps you can take to make your work more enjoyable. They can help you identify what action steps you can take to make your job more fulfilling. Many times those who work with a job coach find that a drastic change in their career isn’t really necessary. Many times, with small adjustments that career professionals take with guidance from their career coach, business professionals are able to rekindle their love for their job. A career coach can help you to identify what factors are stopping you from loving your career.
  • A job coach can help you move forward. Have you had the same job for some time now and would like to advance in your career? Are you unsure of how to approach your boss or what steps you can take to show you are ready for more responsibility? A job coach can help you become a top performer through a system of education and accountability. They can provide guidance on change management, time management, building confidence, becoming a better manager, and much more. They can assess your current process for networking and help you better your approach. They can also examine your professional social media profiles and make sure you are representing yourself in the best way possible. These are examples of facets of work performance that are critical to job success, and to be honest, many of us aren’t as good in these areas as we could be. Sessions with a career coach can make you a better employee and a better professional. This, in effect, boosts you to the top of your industry.
  • Difficult situations at work. Career coaches can also help you prepare for difficult situations or conversations at work. Perhaps you have talked to your boss about an important issue but are not sure how to bring it up. Or you face a difficult situation with a fellow coworker and don’t know the best way to handle it while keeping a professional relationship with them. During coaching sessions, a career coach can hold practice sessions with you as you act out possible scenarios and responses to help you feel comfortable with whatever reaction you may face. They can help you better your communication skills to avoid uncomfortable situations in the future, as well as conversations to avoid. A career coach can help business executives find the right way to give constructive criticism to their workers while still boosting productivity.
  • Finding balance. Job coaches can also help you find a happy balance between your work life and your personal life. Perhaps you are having trouble creating boundaries to keep your personal life separate from your business life. A career coach can help you discover and maintain your priorities in life to feel successful in your career and still happy when you leave the office. Perhaps you are unsure how much information is appropriate to share with coworkers during work hours, or what are appropriate topics of conversation. They will help you understand the difference between being authentic without being too transparent. This involves learning more about yourself and how to project yourself positively at work while keeping a balance between being overly personal at work and being too tight-lipped.

Career coaching with Create Your Career Path. If you are searching for a job coach, make sure that Hallie Crawford’s team is on your list. We use a holistic process to help you discover who you are as a person and a career that you will be happy with long term. This makes us different from other job coaching firms. We have a tried and tested process that has a 90% satisfaction rate, and we are flexible with our process to make sure that the tools we use benefit our client’s personal needs. All of our coaches have had successful careers before becoming career coaches, so they have a vast knowledge of the business world and tips to help you be successful. Contact us today to set up a free call.