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Should you speak up about why you’re leaving?

I had the privilege of being interviewed for this article for, How to Quit Your Job Gracefully.

In this interview I was asked how honest an employee should be about why they are leaving their company. I’m careful to advise people about this in a general statement, because it’s a touchy subject and varies widely depending on the situation, the relationship you have with your employer, and how open your employer truly is to receiving feedback.

Most people advise against truly speaking your mind and as a general rule, I agree with that. However, there are times when if you’re employer will be receptive. It’s worth considering being more honest about why things did not work for you at your organization, if it will result in some kind of improvement in their management style or policies.

Tread lightly and be careful what you say in your exit interview, because you don’t want to burn any bridges, especially so you will be able to get a reference. In some cases you can consider how honest you want to be, and if it will provide some positive feedback for the greater good.

Hallie Crawford
Dream Job Coach

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