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Immerse yourself in your industry

It is important to consistently stay in touch with your peers in your industry, not just for networking purposes but to rejuvenate your interest in your field. I was excited to attend a CTI workshop recently, and this workshop really rejuvenated my interest in coaching. CTI is a coaching school that I attended years ago, and being back there with my fellow coaches for this workshop was like coming home for me. I felt like I was with “my people” again, and it renewed my energy and enthusiasm for being a coach. This is really something I think we all need to do. We can feel stale sometimes when we’ve been doing the same thing for a while!

I also wanted to mention to you a cool benefit I’m happy to give you. From that workshop, I have $200 off coupons for CTI’s core fundamentals course. If you would like one, I’m happy to mail it to you. They can be used anywhere in the US and would be useful for anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills, management skills, and relationship skills inside and outside the workplace. Just let me know! Here’s the CTI website to learn more:

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach

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