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CYCP - Career Coaching Courses
Prefer to work at your own pace, on your own time? Enjoy online classes? Our comprehensive career courses will help you implement your next move!
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Identify Your Ideal Career Course

Comprehensive career direction course! This program is perfect for you if you want a comprehensive career direction program where you can do your thinking and homework at your own pace on your own time, at a lower investment.

Based on our highly rated, trademarked Ideal Career Model, the online course includes: 1) step-by-step videos for each section, 2) easy-to-follow, practical, and tangible workbook exercises, 3) worksheets to track your progress, 4) methodology to effectively research career ideas and more. 

This coaching course works so well, you will determine your career direction for the rest of your life within 2 months!

CYCP - Identify Your Ideal Course Video Call
What's Included
  • Identify Your Ideal Career Course with videos and worksheets
  • Resume templates
  • LinkedIn Guide with templates
  • Lifetime access to the course

Jumpstart Your Job Search Course

Soup to nuts job search materials and templates. Based on our 7-piece Job Search Model, this course covers all of the critical elements of your search. 

This program includes: 1) step-by-step materials with tangible tools and resources to ensure you present your best self to recruiters, hiring managers, and more, 2) resume and LinkedIn templates that will get you past the ATS scanners, 3) a comprehensive job search organizer, 4) interview presentation examples and resources.

This course is so comprehensive, you will be completely prepared for your search, learn creative ways to get in front of hiring managers and secrets to leveraging LinkedIn.

CYCP - Consultation for Searching for a Job
What's Included
  • Jumpstart Your Job Search Course with videos and worksheets
  • Resume templates
  • LinkedIn Guide with templates
  • Lifetime access to the course

Coaching & Career Networking Group

Online coaching with two live, small group calls each month: Our Career Coaching Group is a perfect way to get individual-specific advice for your situation from a coach, get ongoing support and learn from others, and networking opportunities all at a lower cost investment. You’ll have access to tons of free resources, articles, webinar recordings, and more, all designed to help you on your journey. Participate as you choose, sit in on a group session, and/or read the articles and resources posted by the community. Stand-alone package OR can be combined with any other package for additional support!

CYCP - Career Courses
$25.00 per month

Terms: 2-month commitment

What's Included
  • Online support from a career coach and the group.
  • Two live, group Q&A Zoom calls per month to ask career questions.
  • Recordings of the calls.
  • Networking with like-minded professionals.
  • Free resources, articles, worksheets, and presentation slides.

*There will be a $7 processing fee for all orders. You may take advantage of our “Roadside Assistance Program” after you’ve completed one of the options above.