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Career Obituary: Who are you at the end of your career journey

Sometimes it’s hard to see clearly who we want to be right now, how we define success, and how to find career fulfillment over time. If things are blurry for you, try writing your Career Obituary.

Here’s how it works:

Fast forward 20 (or however many) years to your ultimate retirement party. Significant colleagues, loyal networking connections, and supportive friends and family are all in attendance. Several of your colleagues would like to say a few words about what it was like to work with you. What would you want them to say?

Move into a quiet, creative space, and write from a third person perspective about how people experienced you, the accomplishments they witnessed, and the value you brought to the table each day. After your draft is complete, observe the tone and the heart of the message. How far away is this person from who you are now? What choices are required in order to become this future self? What core values must you uphold?

This is one of many creative activities to challenge you during the career coaching process to take a different perspective and apply it to your current exploration and decision-making process.

For more cool activities and structured guidance, please contact us for a complementary consultation call!

Stacy Smyk-Santiago
Certified Career Coach