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Intuition – Stop, Look, and Listen to that Little Voice. It’s There for a Reason

Happy Monday!

Today I’m asking you to Stop, Look, and Listen to that Little Voice (Intuition). It’s There for a Reason!

Last month I was reminded of a lesson that I’m still working on – pausing before I make a decision and take action on something. When was the last time you did something that you later regretted? We’ve all done this at some point. What about the last time you did something you regretted, and you realized that just before you made the decision, you knew better than to move forward?

This happened to me recently. I wrote an online review of a store that I later regretted writing. When I thought back to how I felt while I was writing it, I knew I shouldn’t have posted it. Something in my gut, my intuition, told me not to. But, I did it anyway and then regretted it later. I’m working on listening to this inner voice more frequently, and in order to do that, pausing before I make a decision.

Next time you’re in a rush to make a decision, pause and take a moment to think about the decision you are making. What is your inner voice telling you? Take a moment to pause and listen to your gut before you act.

Have a great week!
Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach