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Career Corner: Online Career Networking: How to Get Noticed, Be Remembered, and Singled Out for Your New Job Tip (continued)

Tip #3. Be a giver.

Ready to take your online career networking effort to the next level? Then make up your mind to be a giver. Volunteer your time and/or your professional assistance. Networks such as are always in need of group moderators.

Being a network leader can be hard work, but the end result (high quality contacts – real relationships with terrific professionals like you) is well worth the effort. Or, if you don’t feel like leading, you can always offer your services/expertise to other members of the group who may need them. This is a terrific portfolio/credibility builder for your career search. Finally – don’t forget to write letters of recommendation/give testimonials to those people who help YOU.

Here’s to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
Career Coaching