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Career Corner: Online Career Networking: How to Get Noticed, Be Remembered, and Singled Out for Your New Job Tip (continued)

Tip #4. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn!

Many of us are taught at a young age to be modest, humble and unassuming. But then later when we’re doing something like trying to get a foot in the career door… this advice works against us. Career networking is a time to market yourself and your abilities (tastefully, of course). Whether you are searching for full-time work, want to begin freelancing and develop your own website, or are planning to launch your own business… the online career network is the place to share great things about you and what you do!

Top Online Career Networking Sites:

•    The Ryze Business Network –
•    Ecademy –
•    LinkedIn –
•    IVillage –

I’ve also heard Facebook is becoming a popular networking site as well. For more career tips, teleclasses and career coaching information, visit my website.

Contact me if you need help with online career networking.

All the best in your career networking endeavors!

Hallie Crawford
Life Purpose Coaching