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Good Point: Think you’re going to whittle your waistline just cuz your chips are organic?

I read this the other day on Ideal Bite and realized I subconsciously think this way.

I don’t know about you, but in the past few years I’ve been moving more and more towards organic foods – and not just fruit. At my local Kroger they have a “natural foods” section. (I think that’s what they call it.) That is typically my first stop at the store, to purchase organic milk and other “healther items.” After reading this chip post from Ideal Bite, I realized that when I shop in this section I assume that things are healthier and I tend to disregard the fat content. Anywhere else in the store, that’s one of the things I might check. Hello-irrational I know. But I wasn’t aware I was doing it.

Here’s a portion of their post below. What was interesting to me is their point that, even if they are not “healthier” so to speak, foods made using an organic process are better for the earth. So it is a good idea to buy organic for your health as well as the health of the planet. But you still have to pay attention to what is in it. Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

The Bite

Get real – chips were invented to be unhealthy. But while they might not stack up to a colonic or yoga session, certain chips can still be healthier for the planet… even if they don’t do so much for your thighs.

The Benefits

  • Oh-so-tasty.
  • Organic corn, potatoes and wheat are better for the earth, since they’re grown without pesticides. Just an example: the EPA allows 90 different pesticides for use on potatoes.
  • Our picks are preservative-free. (Believe it or not, those bright orange cheese puffs live longer than people.)

Wanna Try

  • Garden of Eatin Sesame Blues – so much flavor you can skip the salsa ($3).
  • Kettle Chips – our faves are the Pita Chips and the organic version of their classic Sea Salt & Black Pepper Chips ($4).
  • Trader Joe’s Flax and Soy Sauce Tortilla Chips – not organic, but the flax packs mad protein ($4).
  • Frito-Lay – we, too, were skeptical when we saw new natural Cheetos (made with organic corn meal) and Doritos (with organic corn and cream), but they’re actually pretty good ($4).
  • Veggie Booty – only one organic ingredient (soy flour), but this stuff is as addictive as crack ($3).

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