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2 more tips to help you successfully navigate your career transition

Take Care of Yourself
Again, transition can be stressful, no matter what kind it is. Make sure you take care of yourself, especially during this time. Physical exercise, healthy eating, at least eight hours of sleep, and a balanced lifestyle are all things to consider and pay attention to when you are navigating an adjustment in your life. Make sure you also schedule time to have fun. Often we leave out that part of the equation—enjoying ourselves along the journey is the best part of all.

Share Your Dreams and Plans
Share your dreams and plans with people who are going to be positive and supportive—those who will inspire and encourage you. If there are people in your life who tend to be negative, point out why you shouldn’t do something or can’t, or something along these lines, wait a little while to tell them your dream. Sometimes holding back until you’re really solid in your dream and how you are going to make it happen is the best way to go.

All the best for a rewarding and fulfilling career doing what you love!

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Atlanta Career Coach Hallie Crawford