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“I Kick Ass” T-Shirts Are Here!

They’re sassy, a little in your face, and lots of fun. It’s the oh so subtle "I Kick Ass" t-shirt.

Remember the gold stars we used to get in grade school on our A+ papers? These t-shirts are inspired by those gold stars. I was talking to my client Katie one day and told her she deserved a gold star for all the work she’d done towards achieving her goals. Her response was "I kick ass" and the idea for the I Kick Ass t-shirt was born. I sent her a t-shirt as soon as they were created. (And I promised the mailman he could have one too since he liked the idea so much.)

You can have one too! If you want to order your own tshirt, click here to place your order right away. These shirts are a reminder to celebrate the steps you are taking towards having the life and career you want. Celebrate your accomplishments and pat yourself on the back!

I hope you have as much fun with these as I do. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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