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Food for Thought for Monday – What’s Working?

My coach asks me this every time we start our sessions – "What’s working?" And almost every time it still catches me off guard! Why? Because I am, and I bet you are too, so trained to think in terms of what’s wrong or what needs fixing. You know when you go to a party, or you’re at the office, and people tend to want to commiserate about what’s wrong and how bad something is? This is what I’m talking about. And I’ve realized that it just creates more of the same, more complaining, more problems, more negativity. Now I don’t mean pretend everything’s fine when it’s not. If you need to take action to change or fix something, do it. I mean — don’t spend all of your mental energy and thoughts on what’s not working.

So at the beginning of each day this week, try this simple exercise: Ask yourself what’s working 1st thing in the morning, and write it down. Get yourself in a more positive frame of mind to start your day. It will carry you through instead of trying to back-track to positivity later. This same principle applies to your career search, and taking care of yourself throughout your career transition so you can remain positive and focused on what is working.

Good luck!

Meaningful Career

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