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Interesting Story About Life Coaches on CBS

In case you missed it, there was a short story on the CBS morning news a few weeks ago called "Life Coaches are for Everyone". You can read it here.

As a life coach, I am glad the media is highlighting our profession more and more. And I am aware that sometimes this focus is positive, sometimes not so positive. I think this story skews the view of coaching and doesn’t present a completely accurate picture of what coaching is truly about.

Even more interesting are some of the comments below the story. These are good food for thought about the coaching profession. They demonstrate that not everyone knows what true coaching is, and how it can benefit people. I personally am glad to get different perspectives on the profession, including the negative ones, so that as coaches we can continually strive to educate the public about what our profession is really about. It also motivates me to continue to hone my skills as a professional coach, maintain my certification as a coach, and ensure I deliver a high level of coaching to my clients. There are people out there who call themselves coaches but they are not practicing a true form of coaching as defined by the International Coach Federation. And I think this happens with any profession, however, coaching is not yet regulated so many people are jumping on the bandwagon and calling themselves coaches.

As with any new profession, we are in the process of defining who we are and what we do. As time goes on, I look forward to having more regulation of coaching as needed, and greater testing and certification for coaches so that the general public knows what they are getting in a coach. And knows how to find the right coach for them. Have a great weekend!

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