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Food for Thought: Make peace with the past

Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. My hubby and I went to NYC for a belated anniversary trip and just escaped the rain. It started to rain on Sunday, just when it was time for us to leave – Perfect timing. Btw, if your’re going to the NY anytime soon, check out this yummy restaurant: DB Bistro Moderne. A friend told us about it and I highly recommend it.

Here’s your thought for Monday: "Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present."

When I got back this morning I was relaxed and not worried about rushing into work. Why? Because in these past few weeks I’ve found some new people to add to my business support team. I encoutered some bumps in the road with people I’d worked with previously, due in part to errors I made. As I was looking for new people I realized I was now carrying around some old baggage from my past experience. Things like this: I was assuming I couldn’t find people who were as picky as I am about my website or worrying that someone I hired wouldn’t follow through. Hello, can you say living in the past? My present and future experience was being tainted by my past experience. I realized that I needed a fresh slate because making negative assumptions isn’t fair to me, or to the new people I hire.  So I spent some time writing about what I wanted in a support person for each area and voila! I have found 2 new great people with similar working styles to mine. (Thanks Tishia!)

You can do this with your career transition also by the way. Notice what assumptions you have about changing jobs and challenge yourself to create new ones that will help you move forward rather than hold you back.

So this week, think about this: Where are you living in the past? Or holding on to old assumptions about how things will be? It’s time to let go anc come clean with your past so it doesn’t screw up the present.

Good luck,
Young Adult Coach

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