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2 Posts: A special offer for you, Green car ratings

A special offer for you, to help you get on the career path to success and find your ideal career. I’m having a career coaching resources give-away!

Here’s the scoop: If you sign up for either a Jumpstart Your Career one time coaching session, or a package of Individual career coaching by next Friday, Aug 10th you will receive these 5 bonuses –

The Jumpstart Your Career Audio and Worksheet, Emotional Freedom Technique Audio and Worksheet, Work/Life Balance Audio and Worksheet – plus advance copies of the Doing it Solo Ebook and the Career Seekers Ebook. I have just a few open slots for full time career coaching clients so think about it, but act quickly. Contact me, or sign up at the bottom of this page right away! Here’s to having a career you love, Hallie

Green Car Ratings

If you’re in the market for a new car, check this out first… Yahoo! Autos Green Center ranks each car from 1 to 100 on factors like tail-pipe pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and more. You can also compare models to help you make the best decision for you… and for the environment.