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Career Corner: Networking Tips continued

What opportunities for networking lie within your circle of family and friends…

Tip #4: Seek out the older, wiser, and more experienced.

Holidays, family reunions and summer barbecues all present a great opportunity to connect with the older generation who just might be seasoned professionals in your field. Before your next family gathering, do your homework. Ask your parents what their brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles do for a living. Pose the same question to your best friends. When you get to the party, be prepared to ask questions of those who’ve “been there done that” in your industry… and get ready to make some career connections while learning something new. Don’t be shy, people are almost always willing to help out a friend and family member in need. As long as you’re not pushy about it, and realistic about your expectations of how much they can help you, you’re golden. So jump in there, be assertive. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. It’s much easier to be direct than beat around the bush. Plus, you’ll probably learn a lot from the older, wise and more experienced. Good luck brushing up on your networking skills!

Young Adult Coach

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