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Career Corner: Online Career Networking

Career Networking:  How to Get Noticed, Be Remembered, and Singled Out for Your New Job

The next few Career Corner posts will focus on this new (well somewhat new :) trend of online networking. Most of us still think in terms of in person networking… I know I do. And that is still a great way to network. Nothing beats in person I always say. People can connect with you that much more at an in person event. However, there is still a lot to be said for online networking for your career.

I’ve just started networking online thru Ryze, Friendster, MySpace and LinkedIn. I even made a Squidoo page and even though this isn’t technically a networking site, it can get you noticed for that next job if you post some great content on there about your field of interest. Online networking is worth it. So if you’re searching for a new job or new career path and you need to meet people, do some online career networking. Here’s why: In addition to in-person networking events, the web is the perfect place to meet professionals who are searching for your brand of talent. If you’re nervous, don’t be. Why online networking rocks:

  • Network any time of day – even in your pajamas! (no one has to know)
  • Get to know people slowly – makes for a better “fit” when they finally decide to hire you or solicit your services
  • Share your website link – add subscribers to your mailing list if you have one
  • Meet people outside your locale – ideal if you are considering relocating or want to freelance for people in other states
  • Break the ice – online networking is perfect for shy networkers who feel more comfortable writing than speaking at in-person events

Good luck!

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