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Hallie Recommends: Law of Attraction Teleclass and Enviro-Friendly Cleaning Svc

One Goal + Six Weeks of Coaching + Tons of Fun = Short ‘N Sweet Manifestation!

Facilitated by Master Coach, Jeanna Gabbellini

That’s right. All you need is one goal. One important goal. And in six short weeks, it can be a reality in your life. Short ‘N Sweet Manifestation Teleclass: A 6-week Teleclass where we take one of your goals. Just one, and we get it done! Begins on Tuesday Sept 11, 2007. Tuition only $199! (80% off Jeanna’s normal coaching fee.)

Go here for more info! Jeanna rocks, I recommend checking out her class.

So Pure Home Services

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know how I feel about harsh chemicals inside or around my person, and how I feel about caring for the environment. Here’s the scoop on a cleaning service recently featured on Daily Candy:

"A green home cleaning service using all natural products and techniques." Now I don’t know how the techniques would be different from other techniques- but I like the sound of it! What I do currently is have my cleaning person use the enviro friendly products I like. Either way, I encourage you to go more eco friendly. I’ve convinced my mom to move towards this, slowly but surely :)

I know So Pure Home Services are here in the ATL, hopefully they are elsewhere. Or I am sure you can find something smilar in your neighborhood. Have a great weekend, Hallie Atlanta career coach