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Career Corner: Networking Tips continued from last week

What opportunities for networking lie within your circle of family and friends…

Tip #3: Carry your card on you at all times.

I hear this one all the time: people don’t want to take up a ton of their friends’ or family’s time discussing work. I understand that, family is family and we want to focus on spending quality time with them when we’re around them right? (At least some quality time, most people I know need to limit the time they spend with their families due to your typical "family issues." But I digress…That’s a whole ‘nother post.)

This is where your business card can come in handy. When people ask what you’ve been up to, segue into a brief chat about your job, and then slip them the card "just in case they know anybody." As I mentioned in a previous post about business cards, it’s a great idea to keep your card easily accessible. As the famous Disney theme park ride is called, "it’s a small world after all." Even if the next door neighbor has no use for your photography services, she may have a brother whose wife owns an art gallery who’s looking for photos to display in a show… you never know. Be optimistic and remain positive and focused.

Here’s another quick career tip from an author and blog writer I highly recommend, the Brazen Careerist: To find your best next job, focus on the company not the job.

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