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What’s the Best Way to Handle Personal Calls at Work?

personal calls

Read Hallie Crawford’s four tips to prevent your cellphone personal calls from distracting you and your co-workers.

Cellphones can be an asset and a burden in the workplace. We all know the pros and cons. No longer are we restricted to the length of the phone cord. Clients or employers can call not only our office phones, but also our cellphone directly to reach us immediately. Vendors with a crisis can talk to us immediately to get a response. We have the option of texting during meetings if we have to, when we can’t talk on the phone. Our phones permit us to work long distance, attend to work emails while traveling or solve a work crisis while on vacation if needed. They allow for enormous freedom and accessibility in many ways.

But the cons are the same – the accessibility and the possibility of not handling our phones in a professional manner at work. Because cellphone use has become so common in our personal lives, for example, how many people out to dinner do you see with their phones on the table? Look around next time.

We can fall into the trap of using our phones too frequently in the workplace. The problem is not just the possibility of violating company policy regarding the use of phones or texting during meetings, but also the lack of professionalism you may portray by inappropriately using your phone.

Cellphone use at work can be a slippery slope. One thing can lead to another, and – without realizing it – we may fall into seemingly small bad habits that can end up having a big impact on how we are viewed in the workplace. If you feel you are falling into some bad habits regarding your phone, review this list to rein in your behavior to a more appropriate zone.

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