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How to Work for a Younger Boss (Part 2)

younger boss

Hallie was honored to be featured in a recent CareerCo article featuring tips for working for a younger boss. As a follow up to this article, we wanted to share some additional tips with you.

younger bossSometimes employees with more experience under their belt feel embarrassed or uneasy to worker for a younger, less experienced boss. But instead of viewing it this way, see it as a unique opportunity. A younger boss can help you to stay current in your industry while at the same time being an invaluable source of advice.

  • Speak up. Find ways to respectfully offer your advice to your younger boss. Just because they understand the current business slang doesn’t mean they know all there is to know in your industry. For example, their new way of contacting clients may not be the most advantageous way. Share your thoughts with them privately, and explain why you believe it’s a good idea based on your previous experience. Realize that you can be an asset to them, and a helpful counselor. Simply approach it in the right way.
  • Don’t be resentful. It can be frustrating to be older than, and have more experience than, your younger boss. Any resentment about that, however small, will eat you up inside. Don’t do it. Instead focus on what you can control – your career path, how you manage it, and where you want to go with it. If you find yourself focusing on why the fact that they are younger upsets you, focus instead on where you want to be in the long run. Literally shift your mental focus in that moment, write about your long term goals and your vision for that if you have to, to truly shift your energy and attention.
  • Stay on top of your game. Social networks such as LinkedIn and smart phones are relatively new to the business world and can seem intimidating. Keep up with technology in the workplace by using it to get used to it, or watch a YouTube video for the basics. This will help you stay current and provide advice on the best ways of using new technology based on your years of dealing with clients or in your industry.
  • Keep an open mind. Younger bosses have new energy and a new perspective. These new ideas may seem strange to you, but appreciate the new ideas they bring to your workplace.

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