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What does today’s hiring market mean for getting my dream job?

CYCP - How to get your dream Job

While many people are concerned about continued inflation and layoffs happening, the job market has actually started off strong. There is a low unemployment rate and 517,000 jobs were added to the U.S. job market in January. This means that the hiring market is still good for getting your dream job.

The hiring market is strong, but so is many people’s desire to find their dream job. The pandemic and the Great Resignation have caused many professionals to evaluate their career paths and goals and they, more than ever, want to find a job that aligns with those goals. This means that while the job market is strong, the competition for jobs with good benefits, etc is competitive.

Additionally, many companies are wanting to streamline their hiring process, so they may want to expand their use of AI during the recruiting and hiring process. Recruiters and hiring managers are expected to broaden their search for potential employees from new channels, such as social media platforms and niche job search boards.

The hiring market is always changing and evolving and, understandably, this can seem overwhelming. What do all of these factors mean for you and your dream job?

It is possible for you to find your dream job this year. The current economic climate seems scary, but overall the job market looks good. This means that you don’t have to take the first job that you find. You can take your time with your search until you find a job that truly aligns with your values and lifestyle. You may even find it beneficial to work with a career coach who can guide you through the process and challenges of the current hiring market.

Sharpen your computer skills/knowledge of hiring technology. As companies look to further use computerized systems for job search and hiring, you need to make sure that you can effectively navigate new technology. Do some research on what companies in your industry are using for their hiring process and make sure that you know how to use and feel comfortable with any new systems. You may find it helpful to take a free online course to refresh your computer or other pertinent technological skills.

Put yourself out there. As many people are also looking to find their dream job, you need to make sure that you stay visible to hiring managers. This means looking for ways to put yourself out there, such as joining new social media channels and making sure that your profiles are current and professional. Also, research any local or more niche job search boards and upload your resume. Just make sure that the job search boards you join and post to are reputable to avoid any job search scams.  

Use the hidden job market. Too many people don’t take advantage of the hidden job market to find out about job openings: friends, family, alumni association, and/or local community connections. Talk to them about your job search efforts and what job position you are looking for. You never know who or what your connections may know. Many people have been able to land jobs that haven’t even been posted to a job board yet due to taking advantage of the hidden job market.

We hope that these tips are helpful to you in your search for your dream job. Need more help? Schedule a free consult with us today!