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Can you stay in a dream job too long?

Stay in a dream job

Every professional aspires to find their dream job and we at Create Your Career Path believe that everyone can make that aspiration a reality! When we think about finding our dream job, however, we usually imagine that will be the job we stay in until we retire. But once you have found your dream job, does that mean that it will always be your dream job? Is it possible to stay in a dream job for too long?

Maybe you are thinking that the answer is no, it’s not possible to stay in a dream job for too long. Dream jobs are forever! When thinking about a dream job, it’s important to be realistic. There are certain factors that may change over time and those may directly impact how we define our dream jobs. For example, with time our values or our job description may change. And what was once our dream job maybe just isn’t anymore.

This is a common issue with mid-career professionals and can lead to feelings of frustration and confusion about your overall career direction. We understand this issue and have created a model to help you continuously identify what is your dream job. Here are two pieces of our model that we consider analyzing on a regular basis.

Your work environment. Work environments have shifted so much since the pandemic. While the changes started as just temporary arrangements, we are seeing full-time remote positions and hybrid positions. This shift has caused many professionals to realize how much their work environment impacts their definition of their dream job and if that is taken away, it’s no longer the dream job. What about your current work environment? Has it impacted your job satisfaction? Are there any adjustments you can make now to make it your dream job?

Your strengths. Every job requires a certain skill set or strengths. When we use those strengths repeatedly, over time it could become tiresome. And if we tire of using the strengths that make up our dream job, then it’s not a dream job anymore. What strengths do you currently use on a regular basis at work? Write them down. Do you enjoy using those strengths on a regular basis? Would like to use other ones instead? Can you make any adjustments at your current job to incorporate the strengths you want to use?

But maybe now you are thinking, “Not now, it’s summer, and I’m on vacation!” Really though, summer is a great time to evaluate your career trajectory. Take advantage of the downtime to determine if you want to make a move and plan for your long-term goals.

No one should have to stay in a job they don’t love, even if at one time it was the dream job. It is possible to find fulfillment and happiness in what you do at work.

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