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Track and Manage Your Job Search With Ease From Start to Finish

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Job opportunities can be found anywhere. This is why you’ll want to be very organized throughout your job search. First, create a plan and schedule dedicated time for your search. Treat it like a job! Be upbeat, motivated, and set realistic goals. Then, use the following organizational tips to stay on track.

  • Keep track of everything you do. To whom have you sent resumes? When? With whom have you networked and when? When was the last time you connected with your contact? When are you scheduled to interview? Have you sent a “thank you” note or e-mail? Have you followed up? When do you need to take that next action step?
  • Some job seekers find a spreadsheet, such as Excel© or similar tool, an efficient way to manage and track their searches. Another way to do this is with JibberJobber. Access a free version at:
  • Keep track of where you posted your resume online so that you can update it if need be, or remove it when you find a job. If you’ve posted different versions, also track that.
  • Maintain a password list for all of your online profiles and create a schedule for checking your online networking efforts and updates.
  • We also recommend creating a separate, professionally-titled email address for use during your job search. No strange-sounding or confusing words, like your college nickname. This will not only project a professional image, it will also keep your online efforts organized.

Want more Job Search Tips? Watch these helpful videos Hallie has created by clicking here.

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