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Learn How to Say No at Work Can Help Your Career

how to say no

how to say noCertified Career Coach, Hallie Crawford’s latest article has been published on US News. It’s called, “3 Ways Saying No at Work Can Boost Your Career“.

Sometimes saying no is the best way to manage your time and move your career forward.

Many of us believe, whether consciously or not, that it’s important to say yes at work, especially to our bosses. Even if we realize rationally that sometimes we need to say no to better manage our time – because we are overwhelmed or if we aren’t capable of handling a task – I think most of us are hardwired to be pleasers and say yes at work. It makes sense on a basic level. We are there to do a job. When someone asks us to do something, our instinct can be to say yes. But we know rationally that it’s critically important to say no sometimes at work. And it takes emotional intelligence to not just react to a situation or a request, but take the time to step back, reflect on the best course of action, then act accordingly. Too often it is easier to fall prey to the knee-jerk reaction to say yes, instead of having a tougher – but perhaps more productive – conversation to say no or negotiate an alternative.

If you are someone who tends to say yes more than you should, here are three ways to learn how to stop.

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