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Our Thoughts Are With The People Of Orlando

Orlando United

Orlando UnitedWe were deeply saddened by the recent tragedy in Orlando. We received this email from a former client last week and we wanted to share it with our community in case you are looking for ways to support.

“Because my employer has a large presence in the Orlando area, I have been fortunate to collaborate with a wonderful group of individuals in finding ways to help those most affected by this terrible event. Since the attack, we have been focused on working with local organizations to identify how we can provide relief to those with the greatest need. When talking with communities that have been through similar tragedies (Sandy Hook and Boston), we have been told to plan for a recovery period of at least 2 years so we want to offer meaningful, sustainable support – both in the short and long term.

Many of you have contacted me with your thoughts and a lot of you have even asked how you can help. If you would like to make a monetary donation, please do so to one of the following funds:

While the above funds will deliver tremendous aid to those that need it, there are additional opportunities to provide support:

  • Hand-written letters/pictures to victims who are still in the hospital (Please note: there is a need for letters written in both English and Spanish) – Many of the wounded do not live in the Orlando area and are without friends or family to comfort them during this difficult time so receiving letters of encouragement would bring them some much needed comfort while they heal. If you or your kids would like to write letters/draw pictures, please send them to:

Volunteer Services, Attn: Trauma Team
1414 Kuhl Avenue, MP# 83
Orlando, FL 32818

In closing, I ask all of you to continue to provide love and prayers as you and the world has so graciously done ever since this ordeal happened. I know I speak for all of Orlando when I say this – we cannot thank you and the many people around the world enough for the solidarity and compassion. While this tragic event has definitely left a hole in our community and so many of us are broken, sad and angry, we also stand united and for that, I am proud – we are Orlando and we will choose more love and less hate.”