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Bored at Work? Here’s How to Impress Your Boss

bored-at-work asked for Certified Career Coach, Hallie Crawford’s professional opinion in their article, “Bored at Work? 9 Downtime Moves You Can Make That Will Impress Your Boss.”

Even the most dedicated workhorse needs a breather from her demanding schedule. “After using a lot of brain power on work tasks, a natural response is to want to take a break and focus on something besides work,” says Hallie Crawford, career coach and founder of career coaching agency Hallie Crawford. And that break might look a lot like the rabbit hole that is our Instagram and Facebook feeds.

But there’s a better use for our much-needed down time than scanning social media. Fight the urge to waste your break and boost your career instead with these nine expert-approved moves that will impress your boss to boot.

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