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What If Your Boss Doesn’t Like You?


boss-does-not-like-youHallie Crawford was asked for her professional opinion as to what to do if your boss doesn’t like you for this recent article on, “11 Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You and How to Deal With it.”

Whether your personalities clash or your work performance hasn’t been up to par, there could be a lot of reasons why you and your boss are just not getting along. Even though there may be clear signs that your boss doesn’t like you, there could be a way to turn the relationship around.

While you don’t have to become best friends with your manager, you do want to feel that you’re being respected and supported. It’s easier to feel vulnerable with your ideas when you know that your boss likes you and doesn’t judge you, but sometimes that’s not always the case. According to CheatSheet, if your boss is avoiding eye contact with you or constantly criticizing you, those might be signs that it’s time to reevaluate your relationship with your manager. However, just because your boss doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you need to put up with their abuse. A good leader should want to help you improve your problem areas and should communicate with you about their concerns. Yelling or being passive aggressive are not professional ways to handle a working relationship. If you feel that your relationship between you and your boss has been on the rocks lately, it might be time to set up a meeting to discuss your concerns. But if you’re still not 100 percent sure whether your boss is just a bad leader or they just don’t like you, here are 11 key signs that indicate that your boss isn’t fond of you.

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