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This Week’s Food for Thought: Pick your battles

Yes, I’m a day late writing this. My sister was in town this weekend and I needed to catch up on general "stuff" yesterday. You know how it is…! Here’s the Food for Thought this week:

"You don’t have to win every argument."

What this makes me think of is the old saying "Pick your battles." I remember when my husband and I were first living together, I was Great at this. I would ask myself if something was Really worth bringing up – like the fact that he ate the frozen pizza that I was dying to have after I returned home from work. (How dare he eat it? Didn’t he have ESP?)

I would choose the things that were really worth bringing up, and let go of the things that were just me being nit-picky. In the scheme of things, these nit-picky things don’t really matter, so I let them go.

Needless to say, I’ve become more lax about this lately and I’ll bring things up that just aren’t worth it. I’m trying to get back to this practice of not needing to win every argument, or bring everything up. (I’ll admit, I like to be right so sometimes it can be hard for me to let something go.)

So for you this week – think about picking your battles. And… is it really necessary to win this argument you’re having? Can you just let it go and would it be in your best interest to do so? Remember you don’t have to win them all. Have a great week, Hallie

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