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Food for Thought for the week: Lean on me

I’ve been quiet on my blog this past week. I had to make some changes to my support team and I stink at working with HTML so needed someone who could help me with my postings. I am not techno babe when it comes to HTML. Fortunately now, I’m back in biz!

This past week without having the business support I need, has reminded me of 2 things:

1) During any kind of change, including career transition, you absolutely have to have support. When I was completely changing career paths, from marketing to coaching, I needed my husband’s support but forgot to specifically ask for it. I was working in a part time job, coaching on the side, and wasn’t doing anything around the house – including cooking or shopping for food. We’d decided early on in our marriage that I would cook. He hates to cook and his idea of a meal at that time was macaroni and cheese and a hotdog. You know me, I’m a health nut so that doesn’t fly.

I didn’t have time to cook so we started arguing about this. I realized after a few meal "discussions" that I needed to explain to him that I was in career transition and needed support. We talked, figured out a plan, done.

2) My coaches over time have reminded me of the importance of having support when you’re an entrepreneur. Having a solid support team of people makes the difference between treating your business as a hobby vs. a true business. Since I’ve had help, my coaching practice has grown by leaps and bounds. AND I felt like I was taking a risk when I initially made the leap in hiring my first VA.

This week think about this: Where do you need to ask for support? Where do you hesitate to do so? It’s time to overcome that and reach out! Lean on someone.

Have a good one.

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