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The Rule of 10-10-10 by Suzy Welch

I recently read a great article by Suzy Welch in The Oprah Magazine. It’s about a techinque to help make decisions. Here’s an excerpt:

“Here’s how it works. Every time I find myself in a situation where there appears to be no solution that will make everyone happy, I ask myself three questions:

What are the consequences of my decision in 10 minutes?

In 10 months?

And in 10 years?

The answers usually tell me what I need to know not only to make the most reasoned move but to explain my choice to the family members, friends, or coworkers who will feel its impact.

I’ve used 10-10-10 to make some of the most meaningful decisions in my life—my divorce, for one. But the effectiveness of 10-10-10 crept up on me when I started using it on a much smaller scale.”

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach