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Job Interview Tips: Get Psyched for the Big Day

You have set up a job interview – Congratulations! Here are some important reasons you needn’t dread the Big Interview:

Reason 1: I am not desperate for this job.

Many people approach the job interview with the mindset of "I MUST land this job or else." This is a nice way to push the instant panic button and set yourself up to fail. The fact is, you have no idea what the job entails, what your future boss will be like or whether this company has anything to offer you.

It may be the career opportunity of a lifetime, but it may not be, and you won't know for sure until you get there. So ditch the desperation, take a deep breath, and just feel honored that someone liked your career profile enough to pick you over the next candidate. It's looking good for you

Reason 2: I want to make sure the company is good enough for ME!

How many people do you think approach their interviews with an attitude of, "Is this company worthy of my caliber of work?" and “Is this position a fit for me?” These are legitimate questions and things to consider.

However, watch out that the scales don't dip too far to this side. You may honestly be wondering if this company deserves your talent and dedication. But don't let arrogance rear its ugly head during your interview. Stay down to earth, be gracious, answer questions as honestly and objectively as you can. Speak highly of your achievements but without being condescending! Be grateful for the chance to sell yourself and balance that with the intent to determine if this company and position is a fit for you.

Reason 3:  I have something to offer.

Once you realize that a job interview is nothing to get worked up over, cement your self-confidence and develop a "go get 'em!" approach. Do a personal assessment of everything you've accomplished over the course of your career to date. Even if you're new to the workforce and have only an internship to work with, make the most of what you do have. Go over those letters of recommendation to see what you can include in your resume and mention in the interview. Count any and all awards you have received. Dredge up old thank-you notes that clients may have sent.

Bonus prep tip:

Pull out those old files and take a look at your work performance reviews from the past. Where do you excel? Which areas are your strongest? Make a mental note of these, then practice how you will work this information into whatever questions you are asked in the interview. Remember, it is okay to answer an interview question in a way that reflects your best qualities, as long as you are still being honest.

Good Luck!!

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach & Speaker