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Making Smart Career Decisions in a Tough Economy

With the stock market fluctuating as much as it has been and the global economy struggling, it can be hard to think in terms of possibility rather than lack. I’ve started to listen more selectively to the news so that it doesn’t get me down every time I watch.

Here’s the deal: Worrying about things does not help; taking action to do something about challenges or issues does. When I work with clients, I encourage them to make decisions from a position of strength or possibility. People often act out of feelings related to fear, weakness or some other negative emotion/energy.

Take time to notice how you approach your decisions. Do you feel confident and strong? If so your outcome will be better. Think about times when you have made a decision or taken action out of fear or anger? What was the outcome? Probably not so great.

This takes practice so start small to try it out. When you’re facing an important decision, notice how you’re feeling about it. If you are experiencing ‘bad vibes’, try to shift your mindset or, if possible, wait until you feel better or more confident to make that important decision.
br /> One of the best career decisions you can act on in a tough economy is to make yourself invaluable to your employer/prospective employer. Invest in your education, in additional classes to beef up your skills, or advanced programs to enhance your value and marketability as an employee. Spending the money to invest in yourself is one of the best decisions you can make in a touch economy. Be smart about it, choose wisely, but make the investment.

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Certified Career Coach