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Have you been laid off recently?? Here’s an option…

Have you been laid off recently? Do you feel stuck? Are you sending out resumes and getting no answer? Perhaps you can look into doing something different.

Have you considered starting your own business?

Take a look at you area of expertise. Do you have experience with accounting, graphic design, or administrative support? As our world becomes more and more virtual, you can now work from almost any location, and service clients almost anywhere. The virtual assistant industry, for example, has sprouted up as result of ability to work remotely. Look at your area of expertise and consider providing consulting services in this area.

Striking out on your own can be scary and it involves risk. It is not a cakewalk and it takes effort, commitment and work. But if you do something you’re passionate about, it won’t feel like work. It’s more enjoyable and you’ll be more committed because you’re following your dream. Keep in mind the success stories of some famous businesses like Fedex and Proctor and Gamble. They were started during an economic slump. Why not yours??

Hallie Crawford
Career Seekers Career Coach

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