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How to Make Personality Tests Work for Your Career


determine-career-pathPersonality tests are becoming a common tool for businesses to evaluate or hire employees. Find out how to avoid feeling intimidated in Hallie’s US News article.

Your personality type is an important factor in determining what career path is right for you. Having a clear picture of your personality type, traits and strengths will help you discover what kind of tasks, responsibilities and roles you will excel in career-wise long term. Understanding your personality type also helps you determine what kind of organizational culture would work best for you. If you need help discovering your ideal career, spend time reflecting on your personality traits (in addition to several other items) and what they mean for the type of job that would be a good fit for you in the long run.

Personality type is an important piece in the puzzle for job satisfaction. Knowing and being able to communicate to an employer how your type fits with the role you are applying for is one way you can help make personality tests work for you.

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