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Delegate – Give Employees the Freedom to Grow and Learn


delegateThe rise of project management software has made it easier for managers to delegate tasks and communicate with employees, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re delegating well.

Many supervisors continue to micromanage, miscommunicate and stress out their employees with the help of modern technology. Follow the advice of these 16 professionals, including Certified Career Coach Hallie Crawford, to learn how to delegate effectively with project management software.

Certified career coach Hallie Crawford found being proactive was an important step for employees on the receiving end of micromanaging behaviors.

“If you notice that it happens at a certain time of day, provide your boss with an update an hour in advance of that time. When it occurs before or after a specific meeting, help prepare your manager in advance of that meeting for whatever he needs to report on.”

Some managers actually hope to inspire employees to reach this level of proactivity as a sign they can be left alone.

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