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Add Reviewing Professional Accomplishments to Your Preparations for the New Year

accomplishmentsAs this year wraps up and the New Year approaches, many people tend to make an account of what was accomplished and then create their New Year’s resolutions, listing all they would like to achieve in the coming year. While “taking stock” of the past year, I recommend not just viewing this from a personal perspective, but a professional one as well. Use this time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile with all those accomplishments while the details are still fresh. Use this down time to recap all your professional and educational advancements, taking careful note of the measurable results. Time and time again when working with clients, they find difficulty remembering the measurable results from a year ago, much less 5 to 10 years ago. So, before it’s forgotten, take note of them. Then when you are ready for a complete resume and LinkedIn revamp, your proactive approach will guarantee personal marketing documents which are results-based rather than task-based documents. In a nutshell, take stock and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances the future has in store. Be ready for 2017!

We wish you the best in the new year.

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Thank you to our resume expert, Jasmine Marchong, for this article and the resume tips.