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How do you know if it’s you or the job?

I was talking to my career coaching client, Damon, this week and he asked a great question. I hear this often, so I wanted to share it with you. How do you know if your job is not a good fit for you, versus you just need to improve yourself and work on your skills? There’s no one size fits all answer. Although, it would it be very nice if there was! Here’s how you can start to understand the difference:

  • Remember that there are some things we can learn and some things that we can’t. Some things are also a lot harder for us to learn than others. It’s the distinction between talents and skills. Talents are inherent while skills can be learned. When you are thinking, “I should be better at this,” are you considering something that you can actually learn and develop? Or is it a natural talent that just is not there.

  • You need to understand the difference between something you can work on and improve versus something that is part of your personality type. Some thing’s you can’t necessarily change, and you wouldn’t necessarily want to. You are who you are. So in some cases we need to accept that, move on, and realize there’s a better job fit for us out there.

I hope this is helpful to you to get you started on thinking about talents versus skills and understanding and your personality type.

Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach

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