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Chocolaty inspiration to help find your dream job

Last night I had the opportunity to speak for Georgia Tech Alumni Association’s Waffle House Career Series. The topic was “Live and Work with Passion and Purpose“.

It was an exciting and well attended event. There was great interaction and participation. We discussed how to bring passion into both your personal life and your career. Thank you to all those who came out!

Inspiring example: A participant from last night, Michelle, said her dream job was to make chocolate. I talked to her more today, and I really believe she will make it happen. She is currently getting her MBA at Georgia Tech to learn how to run a business. She plans to open a retail or online store. She did an internship with a chocolate maker in Australia. I know she’ll make her dream a reality because she has a plan, has multiple options to make it happen in a practical way AND she has passion for it. This is something she really enjoys doing.

What’s your passion? How will you make it happen?

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach