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Work smarter not harder – A great example of how to do this

I was working with my client Seth this week. He came to our career coaching call very excited with the progress he had made. I wanted to share this quick tip with you:

Seth is a high performing individual. He sets high goals for himself and is constantly thinking of new ideas for his work at a custom software outsourcing firm in North Carolina. He would blast into his office in the morning excited to go to work, and at the end of the day his desk would be cluttered. He didn’t get to those important, versus urgent, items that he wanted to during the course of the workday. He would forget about those big goals we had been working on through career coaching to help him work smarter, not harder.

One of the tools Seth is now using which had made a huge difference in his day is this white board in his office. Each day when he first arrives, his assignment is to sit and look at his white board for 5 minutes before he does anything else. This grounds him in what he needs to do for the day, and settles his mind so he’s able to better prioritize his tasks. Seth’s desk is now clear. His mind is clearer. He is more confident, and is achieving those important goals every day.

I can tell you he sounds different when he comes to our career coaching calls. Seth is less frantic, more focused, and calm. Nice work Seth!

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach