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Get ready to blast off towards your ideal career!!

I have a new program that is beginning February 5. It is a brand new coaching group called "Identify Your Ideal Career Path". This group follows the exact same 5 step program I use with individual clients—at a fraction of my individual coaching rate!

In this 6 month program, you will:

  • Uncover your values, priorities and what would be most fulfilling for you in a career
  • Explore the 6 components of the Kick Ass Career Model
  • Combine the components of the Kick Ass Career Model to identify your ideal career path
  • Learn to overcome any issues or obstacles that hold you back from defining your ideal career and making it happen
  • Create and implement a transition plan for you to land your ideal job

What are the bennies of group coaching?

  • Learn from me and from others.
  • Get support from three sources (coach, class members, your buddy in the group).
  • Join a community that will support you through your transition.
  • Only $150/month for 6 months — less than half of my individual coaching rate!

Interested in learning more or joining this group?

Go here to read more, or contact me directly to set up a complimentary consultation.

Here's to having a career you love!
Hallie Crawford
College Grad Career Coaching