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Resources-Career: Achieving your goals – Learn to corral those ideas

Happy Monday!

Lately I’ve been working on strategically scheduling my time and planning out my goals. I was talking to my new friend Amber, who started Café Physique, a few weeks ago about this concept. We are both idea people; meaning we constantly have ideas for growing our business, new products etc. There are so many in my head at any given time that I can’t realistically achieve all of them within a year. And I wouldn’t want to, if I did I’d be a crazy lady. I’ve learned that I need to corral my ideas, decide which ones will help me achieve my goals (and which ones won’t), and be ok with putting off some of ideas until later.

One way I manage this idea flow is by using an Idea Folder on my computer where I keep all of my thoughts. I check this list out regularly and decide when it’s time to implement something based on my current goals. Amber called this a “chalkboard for your head.”  It’s a place to put things that you want to do – personally or professionally – but you either don’t have time to do them now, or it really isn’t the right time to implement them because they aren’t aligned with your goals. I find that this simple technique works well for my clients who have so many career ideas running around in their head. Getting them down somewhere helps them think more clearly about each one. I hope this is helpful!

Have a great week!

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach