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Food for Thought This Week – Staying in the flow and ignite your intuition

This week is about Igniting Your Intuition.

After a recent vacation, I came home so refreshed and relaxed that everything
just flowed in my life – at least for a couple of days. Then I got
caught up in the rush again. You know how it feels – you rush to leave
for vacation and then when you get back, you rush to catch up.
Sometimes it feels like we need a vacation after our vacation!

I’ve found that when I get caught up in the daily busy-ness of life, I
tend to stop listening to that inner voice that guides and helps me
make good decisions … my intuition. So I’ve been thinking of ways to
maintain that sense of relaxation I felt when I first returned home.

One way is to consciously maintain a slower pace and keep
my to-do list short. Another way is to make sure I get out of the
office to do the things I love — like horseback riding.

What can you do differently next time you return from vacation to maintain that relaxed, in-the-flow feeling?

Career Coach Hallie Crawford