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Personal Note and Thought for the Week: Find a way to work around it

These posts are a little delayed for this week…Technology snafu. So let’s get caught up!
Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. Inside my personal note is some Food for Thought for you this week –

On a Personal Note – No more horsing around!

As you probably know, I am an avid horseback rider and have been determined to continue riding up to my Dec. 26 due date.  Several riders I know were able to ride throughout their pregnancy, so I thought – no problem!  Ends up, I’m just not one of them.  Unfortunately, my doctor strongly suggested I stop riding.

Riding was my main form of exercise and a great stress reliever.  I really didn’t want to give up.  I had to find a work-around, something that gave me the low impact exercise I need, but didn’t require that I completely give up something I love to do.  Now I go to the barn, hang out with my pal Lyly, the horse I share, and swim for exercise.  Lyly is incredibly clean now-a-days, since I have plenty of time to focus on grooming him! 

Food for thought…Even when we think an obstacle seems insurmountable, there’s usually a way to work around it. Brainstorm ideas with other people, think out of the box and see what you come up with. It’s funny, I have decided to talk to my hubby more about the issues I’m struggling with. Talking it out with someone is a great help, he’s been a valuable sounding-board. Simple and easy.

Have a great week, Hallie