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Food for Thought on Monday: Dress to impress

As an addendum to my recent posts about interviewing and dressing for your interview — my mom had a good tip to share.. Here it is: (Thanks mom)

"I think dressing for the job you want not the job you have is important. It’s important for daily appearances at work as well as for an interview..  Dress like the president if that’s the job you want!"

To go along with this tip as food for thought this week:

What does your appearance say about you? If you’re not dressing for the job you want-start now. Go buy something new if you need to, a new tie or new suit. Always choose something you feel good in, that makes you feel more confident. It will show.

The next step is, are you thinking and acting like the person who deserves the job you want?

Think about this and do a quick mini visualization. Picture how the person in the job you want would behave, and step into that role this week.

Happy Monday.

Have a great week,