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Food for Thought-The Pitfalls of “List Consciousness”

This resonated big-time for me the other day. I realized I’d been caught up in my to do list for several days, only focusing on getting things checked off the list. (Yes I’m guilty too;) Then I read this in an Oprah magazine article and it hit me between the eyes as so true and accurate. It’s an excerpt from a book called Finding the Deep River Within by Abby Seixas.

“List consciousness is a state of mind that is entirely future-oriented. With a subtle but constant quality of rushing, it operates on the premise that life will happen once everything is crossed off The List…When you are in list consciouness, you are leaning into the future and completely missing the present.”

Commit yourself to being more present this week and noticing when you’re solely focused on checking things off the list. Career Counselor Hallie Crawford