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Where’s Your Motivation?

This is an article from my September 2006 e-newsletter, Creating Your Own Path. Feel free to check out the full e-newsletter here.

As I started writing this month’s ezine, I realized that the life (Food for Thought) and career (Career Corner) articles are related. HA, isn’t that nice! I always thought motivation was something you are either born with or not; that some people are naturally more motivated than others. Perhaps this is the case to a certain extent, but I’ve found over the years that motivation CAN be developed and inspiration found and tapped into. One good way to find motivation is to uncover your passions and tune into your values. As you discover and get involved in things you are passionate about, and choose to make decisions and live your life in alignment with your values, the results can be amazing! I find that when I engage in activities I am passionate about (horseback riding, traveling) on a regular basis, the passion spills into other areas of my life and keeps me motivated to move forward and succeed in those other areas.

Instead of waiting for motivation or inspiration to hit you, seek it out. Create a plan to incorporate activities that you are passionate about into your everyday life in ways that are inspiring and fulfilling to you. Commit to doing them on a regular basis. Discover what motivates you and think of ways to use that motivation in various areas of your life. On the flip side, if you spend too much time in areas where you have low motivation, you are most likely resigning yourself to frustration and mediocrity, for without high motivation, you are probably not trying as hard as you could and therefore not doing your best. So I have two questions to leave you with: what is one thing you can you do on a regular basis (starting now!) that you are passionate about? And what is one thing that you’re not jazzed about that you can let go? Find your motivation and use it to create a more rewarding life! Career Coaching Hallie Crawford