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Free Career Search Tools for You! Law of Attraction Career Contrast and Abraham-Hicks on YouTube

1) Law of Attraction Clarity of Contrast Worksheet for Career Seekers
New and improved: I just updated my FREE contrast worksheet for Career Seekers to make it better and more useful for you career seekers out there looking for your ideal job.

As a career coach, I’ve discovered that when I ask people what they want in an ideal job or career, they can’t tell me. But if I ask them what they don’t want, or what they didn’t like in previous jobs, they can give me a long list of complaints or things they’d want to change! If this is the case for you, it may feel like you are checking things off of a list and identifying what you don’t want, instead of moving forward by clarifying what you do want. This can be frustrating I know. But… it’s actually a start. Determining what you don’t want in your dream career can be the first step towards clarifying what you want.

Check it out here.

2) Abraham-Hicks on YouTube
And — here are some good pick me up’s on living in the flow from Law of Attraction gurus Abraham-Hicks.

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