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Don’t be lazy in your job search

People often apply for jobs online because they’re trying to find an easy way out of their job search. Job seekers also post online because it can give them immediate gratification. It feels good to say, “I applied for X number of jobs today.” It makes you feel like you have accomplished something and gives an instant sense of accomplishment. What’s interesting is that statistics show that most jobs are not found or secured through online job postings. Instead they are typically found through the hidden job market, but with networking it’s harder to get that gratifying feeling instantly. Networking takes longer because you have to develop relationships and you have to spend time creating new ones, and with that comes a higher rate of return. Don’t be lazy and overlook such a crucial part of job search.

Another area where people tend to slack off is with their references. What job seekers often don’t realize is that you have to prepare your references in advance. Tell your references that they will need to say something specific depending on your potential job’s requirements. Your references need to speak to the skills that will you will be using at a specific job. If you don’t prepare for this, your references won’t be as effective.

One last job search tip is to stay focused on finding the right job for you! Look for a job where you will want to stay put and will enjoy long term. This job needs to be something that you can bring value to, as well as challenges you. Remember, you don’t want to come back to the job hunting process again in 6 months.

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Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

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